• WCF Transport Security with Certificate Authentication

    This post demonstrates the use of X.509 certificates for server and client authentication when using WCF transport security. This security mode is ideal for communication between applications in the intranet network. Our demo creates a service that will implement a simple, repeated string algorithm. In this scenario, the service is hosted under Internet Information Services […]

  • Key Java @annotations to build full Spring Boot Rest API

    This post aims to demonstrate key Java @annotations used to build a functional Spring Boot Rest API. The use of Java annotation gives developers the capability to reduce the code verbosity by a simple annotation. As an example, we can refer to a transaction. By the standard programmatically process with a transaction template, this requires […]

  • Microservices in Publish-Subscribe Communication.

    Publish-Subscribe Messaging systems play an important role in any microservices enterprise architecture as it enables reliable integration without tightly coupling the applications. The ability to share data between decoupled systems is not a problem that is easily tackled. Consider an enterprise with multiple applications that are being built independently, with different languages and platforms. It […]

  • Invoking SOAP Services using SoapUI – Basic Authentication, Part I

    In this series divided into three-part, I will demonstrate how to use the SoapUI API tool to invoke a secured WCF SOAP service. The first post will focus on creating a service where it will be the system under test. The second post will approach the steps required to invoke it while secured by a […]

  • Linear Regression under the hood using Matlab

    Sometimes to choose the appropriate model, the suitable training algorithms, and the hyperparameter to best fit the task as well as to debug issues and perform error analysis more efficiently, it is necessary to understand what is under the hood when applying Linear Regression. Hence, in this post, we will dissect the implementation of linear […]

  • Databases Scaling Strategies

    Different solutions for scaling databases